Turnkey Systems

App development and systems integration based on the jcore.io platform

Built For Your Business

Need a web-enabled monitoring system designed exactly for your needs? jcore.io is the prefect foundation for building modern industrial applications.

Visibility Everywhere

Stay informed, even when you’re on the go. Our user interfaces are accessible from any modern desktop or mobile browser

Smart Notifications

Find out right away when something goes wrong with smart email and text notifications

Streamlined Reporting

Help your back office by sending electronic data directly to your accounting and reporting systems

Modern Software

The jcore.io software platform isn't just an off the shelf monitoring solution--it's also a powerful toolkit for creating modern real-time business applications. Tell us what you need to measure and we'll build web-enabled views that keep the most relevant information at your fingertips. Because our entire architecture is built around the modern web, there's less hardware to install, less code to write, and more time to create the best possible user experience.

Cloud Connected Hardware

As an integrated hardware and software shop, we’ll design the electrical and mechanical elements to reliably connect your process to the your app. Use Iron Pi hardware to connect inputs and outputs directly to the cloud, or ask us for a more specialized solution that’s just right for your operating requirements.

Build Your Ideal System

We'll help you put together the hardware, software, and infrastructure to make it happen.

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