Industrial monitoring
for the cloud era is a radically simple platform for connecting devices to the web

Built For the Web

Keep tabs on remote assets, even when you're on the go. Our rich visualizations work right in your desktop or mobile browser.

Direct to Cloud

Reduce costs and eliminate failure points by connecting devices directly to the cloud.

Ready for Growth

Add capacity without buying hardware or re-designing software. Our infrastrucure is built to grow with your business.

On Demand Monitoring

Stream data to the cloud and get instant access to responsive charts and dashboards that run right in your browser. Set up text and email notifications to find out right away whenever something goes wrong. Send data directly from sensors to the cloud using Iron Pi hardware, or use our API to connect your existing data sources to the cloud.

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Cloud Connected I/O

The Iron Pi connects physical inputs and outputs directly to the cloud. A one-touch pairing process enables secure streaming to and from your account. If you want to build your own custom industrial IoT solution, the Raspberry Pi-compatible OS unlocks a vast ecosystem of third party libraries and services.

Hardware Specs

Turnkey Systems

Want a monitoring system designed from a ground up to meet your exact needs? We offer system design and app development services based on the platform. Get views, reports, and notifications that improve operations and keep your staff informed.

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White Label Services

Want to built engaging new products using a proven technology stack? We can help you get to market faster with less cost and less technical risk. Our hardware, communications, and software experience helps us eliminate boilerplate and focus on adding value for your customers.

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